New pictures uploaded

July 9, 2008 on 11:34 am | In Announcements | 13 Comments

Uploaded some new pictures, see here:

Also updated the “Then and Now” page, see here:


Remember the swiming pool? (revisit)

June 5, 2008 on 9:19 pm | In Memories | 33 Comments

Remember jumping off the pool roof? :)

udh-swimingpool2.jpg swiming-pool.jpg 


From Celia:  (other pictures Celia sent)
I don’t know why we didn’t take them of ourselves maybe we didn’t want any evidence of our misconduct?  The big thing was this guy who professed to be able to do a gainer off and he sure did.  I think it was a visiting soccer team from Abqaiq that stayed the night (where would they have stayed, did they ever do that–that’s my memory of it) the guy’s name was Danny or Daniel something if I remember correctly.  Not “our” Danny Simpton.  I recall Mike McGrath being there that night, down from Abqaiq they had moved by then and Bubba Kent mostly because of that name and lots of the girls thought he was hot.  Adrienne was there, I don’t recall who else.  Were either of you?

Let’s revisit the pool!


Time in a Bottle

June 5, 2008 on 8:41 am | In Memories | 2 Comments

I recently watched the class of 84′ graduation and man were we all excited to sing “Time in a Bottle”. James, Paul, Dan and all the guys really put there all in it. We out sang the girls, they just didn’t sing loud enough and put there heart in it like the guys did. NOT!!!! LOL… I have just one question. Who in the world picked that song out for all of us to sing? It was terrible. Funny to watch though. They have a commercial out now and a lady comes on and says ” Do you know that song “Time in a Bottle” and I crack up every time. Some people were lucky enough not to sing it, though I won’t mention any names (Robert, Mark, Scott) Ha..Ha.. I tell you this though, we had the standing up at the same time down pat. Good job guys!

Ok for old times sake let’s hear it everybody “If I could spend time in a bottle, the first thing that I’d like to do”. Now your going to be singing it all day and I know you know the rest of it too….LOL

Take care,

   Rick B.


I need a Shawarma!

April 14, 2008 on 1:14 pm | In Memories | 2 Comments

I’m sitting here thinking about going to kobar down where we used to buy all our tapes ( that I still have) and walking across the street to get a shawarma. I am craving one sooo bad. I loved them things. If anyone from Udhailiyah reads this please send me one soon, I’m dying. Won’t be the same but here’s how you make one .

SHAWARMA   Serving size: 8                                                             

2 pounds beef, lamb or chicken – very thinly sliced           

Marinade: 1 cup yogurt 2 tablespoons lemon juice

4 cloves garlic — minced

1/2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

1 tablespoon vinegar

1 tablespoon onion — finely minced

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon red pepper

1/2 teaspoon ground mace

1/2 teaspoon salt   

Combine all marinade ingredients. Add meat and marinate overnight. Place the marinated meat in a barbeque cage and cook over hot coals for 15 minutes. Combine tahini (sesame paste), clove of garlic, lemon juice and parsley until it is of a creamy texture, Add water if necessary. Place the cooked meat, sliced tomatoes and onions in pita bread and pour on the tahini mixture as desired.

NOTES : The cone of meat, marinated in yogurt and seasoning, is layers upon layers of meat (lamb, beef or chicken) place on a spit and topped off with an onion and lemon. The spit is placed vertically in front of an open flame. As the meat cooks it is turned. The shwarma chef takes his sharp knife in hand and cuts off paper thin slices of cooked meat which drop into a waiting tray below. The cooked meat, salad and yogurt or hot sauce are placed in the pocket of pita bread or on a long toasted roll.   

Rick Barnes

#1 on google for search: udhailiyah

March 28, 2008 on 11:31 pm | In Announcements | No Comments

I knew it wouldn’t take long, but there you have it.  #1 on google.  I feel a wam fuzzy feeling all over…  But hey?  Who the heck knows how to spell “udhailiyah” anyway?  HA HA!

See Results here


coke (oops, Pepsi) cannons!

March 26, 2008 on 9:12 am | In Memories | 1 Comment

I remember making coke (pepsi!!) cannons and shooting tennis balls lit on fire!  The steel cans worked quite well.  I don’t believe you could use these flimsy aluminum cans they have now. Why I didn’t blow a hand off at some point in my childhood I don’t know.  It was easy to be a pyro when your in the desert with nothing around.  :D

Click image above for link to video showing how to make one if you have forgotten. :)


Bats that chased rocks!

March 26, 2008 on 9:07 am | In Memories | 2 Comments

bat I remember hitting little rocks into the air (with a flat peice of wood) and watch the bats go crazy to get them.  They thought there were bugs!  Pretty cool actually.  I found there were more bats down by the “trailers” (on the water tower side of UDH) than the other side.  Guess there were caves down there.


New Photos uploaded!

January 28, 2008 on 11:19 am | In Announcements | No Comments

Ok! It’s about time!  Agreed!  I’ve been knocked out for the last week or so with broncitus and doing work at the same time… so all this has taken a back seat for the last month.  I’ve uploaded some pictures that Gail sent me on “Photo Album Page 3” and also more “current” photos of Udhailiyah on “Photo Album Page 4“.  Enjoy the view!


A new year brings new laws in Saudi

January 8, 2008 on 11:23 am | In Announcements | 1 Comment

It’s about time they punished those “back seat” drivers!  :)

See the new Traffic Laws.  Enjoy!


Happy Thanksgiving

November 15, 2007 on 6:55 pm | In Announcements | 2 Comments

I’m thankful for having Udhailiyah as part of my childhood and everyone I have come back in contact with. It has been a very rewarding experience! Even to this day, when a conversation comes up, when I tell people I have lived in Saudi Arabia, it brings expressions of “Wow, really?” For those that might have some experiences they would like to share but don’t really want to get involved with the “posting” of materials on this site, just send me an email with your unique experience or memory and I’d be glad to post it for you. (with your permission) It’s no problem. Thanks again for the pictures that have been sent and your long letters telling me of your life history. It’s been partly exhilaration and a little bit of depression. HA! (mostly the former!) Have a good long holiday weekend with your friends and family. James

Interest in a reunion?

October 30, 2007 on 9:46 pm | In Announcements | 7 Comments

Hey everyone! 

I will throw this out and wait to see comments to this post.  If we had a reunion, where and when would be the best time?  Some factors to take into account…

1. kids.  Some of us have kids in school, so timing is rather limited to Summer and seasonal holiday periods.  (seasonal holiday periods tend to be reserved family times)

2. location. Best to try to have it in a region that is close to the majority of attendees.

3. cost.  Where to have it and cost for lodging.

4. What the heck are we going to do once we get together?  Just stare at one another in amazement on how old we all look?   LOL!

5. How long would it last?   Arrive on Friday, leave on a Sunday/Monday?

So… if you have any comments, please contribute to the “think tank”.   :)


So this is what it feels like to be old?

October 11, 2007 on 8:36 pm | In Announcements | 5 Comments

It seems with our collective memories we have only accumulated about a dozen memories.  Don’t feel bad.  After I posted my “most” memorable memories…  the rest sorta became a fog.  =)

I was contacted about 2 weeks ago by a person (who will remain nameless) who currently lives in Udhailiyah.  How exciting!  I encouraged him to upload pictures and tell me more about how Udhailiyah is now and if he could send me some “current” photos of things in Udhailiyah.  He wanted to know when I graduated UDH… ie 84.   It turns out he won’t be able to send me anything.  He was only 11.   HA HA!  Well…  having kids older and younger than that age, I told him he would have to ask his Mom and Dad to contact me.   So… Mom, Dad, if your reading this about your son, who shall remain nameless, please contact me. 




September 18, 2007 on 9:31 pm | In Memories | 3 Comments

Ok I have never seen or heard of vimto, but I guess it’s because I always drank miranda’s. Those things were so addictive, but for me now it’s coke! I also can’t believe that no one has even metioned the scharma’s that we ate all the time. OMG! were they so good are what? Going to khobar and eating one of those was the best.

Rick B.

Rec Hall memories

September 18, 2007 on 7:10 pm | In Memories | 2 Comments

I remember sneaking into the rec hall and playing zaxon many times.  (coff, for free.)  :)


Remember the dances?  Ahh.. still think of Udhailiyah when I hear Journey (Open Arms) being played.  :)


Class of 1985 & 1986 & 1992 uploaded

September 18, 2007 on 6:31 am | In Announcements | No Comments

See the class of 1985 year book photos here.

See the class of 1986 year book photos here.

See the class of 1992 year book photos here.

Also uploaded pictures that Rick sent, see here.

Thanks Rick for 85 & 86 and the other photos!


8 more photos available

September 15, 2007 on 10:20 pm | In Announcements | No Comments

Rick uploaded some pictures today, see them here.

prayer intermission

September 13, 2007 on 7:27 pm | In Memories | 1 Comment

Scott’s Dad helped install satelite tv and internet access in Udhailiyah.  Pretty cool, considering we only had one channel in 83-84.  And…  5x a day we got to look at this image. :)

prayer intermission

Mr. Young and that projector

September 10, 2007 on 9:14 pm | In Memories | 4 Comments

I know this is very childish.  Cmon, I was young ok?  Mr. Young would endlessly write out math problems with that overhead projector.  (you know, the clear plastic with usually a green pen?) On one such occasion while he had his back turned writing… Scott Olsen sat innocently next to me, completely unaware of what would happen to him in just the next few minutes.  The time was right.  I could not hold it any longer!!  I let out, probably of all my entire life, the loudest FART EVER!   (Yes, even i was aghast at the utter shock wave it sent through the room!)  I immediately turned to Scott and LOUDLY said…  “Ahhhh!!  Scott!!”.  Of course the entire room was in an uproar.  Class disruption? 10.0 on the rictor!  Scott began to deny profusely that he didn’t do it… (all the while laughing himself, because it was funny) … but it was too late. Mr. Young marched Scott out of the room (like a scape goat) and scolded him in the hallway!  I must admit, Scott was pretty cool about it.  He never turned me in.  =)  Was anyone else in that class?  — James

Mr. Young Scott Mr. Young

skoal in school

September 10, 2007 on 8:54 pm | In Memories | No Comments

I remember Donnie Lasser sharing his “skoal” with me in 8th grade just after lunch.  I thought I could be “like” Donnie and not be required to “spit”.   I almost threw up in Mr Reily’s social studies class!
Mr. Reily Donnie
Talk about a fit of non stop HICCUPS!  bleeh!!  — James

top 10 in google

September 9, 2007 on 7:28 am | In Announcements | 1 Comment

We are already listed #5 & #18 out of 674 for the key word search: udhailiyah

Nice and fast!  :)

I’ve also registered:

It is a redirect to this site.

I also added the Google Maps link on the links section. 


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